Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I've just watched Avatar in 3D. I think it was a lovely movie, one that touches on some of the mistakes that we as humans made and continue to make as we reap what ever we wish from this earth and do not take enough effort to replenish.

Some of the scenes in the movie is just magnificent! It tells a story of a wonderful, dreamy and pure planet where it's aboriginal race is so connected with the environment and protects it in every way they can. This is no different from the some of the existing aboriginal races still living in deep Borneo or other parts of Asia and Africa where modern man has not been able to reach or convert.

To live in trees, dependable on nothing but your environment for food and shelter, is the best for the survival of our planet and there for our species. But we have come too far now, and to go back against thousands of years of development is too much for most of us to comprehend.

I believe that there is a way, there is a possibility for us to reunite with our planet for the betterment of every living being. Lets take the small steps, make the right choices - recycle whenever we can, choose free range meat or eggs, start a vege patch, take public transport - and those small steps will lead us slowly but surely to the right path.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas from RedRubyonFire

Merry Christmas to All!

Wishing you a wonderful and save Christmas this 2009. May you have a warm and joyful holiday with your family and loved ones.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This made me cry.... I didn't know!

I can't believe that this is happening in Australia. I think the pigs at the farms in Malaysia doesn't even live like this.

From now on I will be more aware of where my food is coming from. If we are taking a life for food, we should ensure that it wasn't one of suffering at our own hands.

Help End Factory Farming at AnimalsAustralai.org

Please go to the website www.animalsaustralia.org and do what you can to help.

If you are in Australia and looking for some alternative to 'cruel pork', just google free 'range pork' and you might be amazed with the options out there. It's a small price to keep your conscience clear!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mini Blog Carnival - Quit Smoking Success Stories

I would like to read about your success stories of you or the ones you love giving up smoking. In an effort to have a small collection of success stories here to inspire others to do the same, I am hosting a mini Blog Carnival here on the subject "Quit Smoking - Success Stories".

How this works? Just leave a comment here with a link to your blog post about this subject. Five blogs will be chosen and the links and a small commentary paragraph will be included below them in this post when it is updated.

I appreciate your efforts! Thanks!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


When I start working in the hairdressing industry, I will have to start wearing black as it is a industry norm to do so. I've put together some looks here at Polyvore, a fun website where you could put fashion items together, that starts with a black to and bottom.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quitting Cigarettes

I've been a smoker for 10 years, almost just as long as I have been working as I started when I landed my second job. After 5-6 years of smoking I wanted to stop as I realized that it was already affecting my health making me out of breath every time I took the stairs, my skin was looking dull and my finances was heavily burden by the rising cost of cigarettes.

Like many others I tried to stop for a long time with many failures. Every time I succumbed to lighting up another cigarette, I told myself that I will try again. Without much medicinal help I had before, the only way to stop was to go cold turkey which most (including me) would find really difficult.

Last cigarette I smoked was in 2 and a half months ago, which gave me a bad headache.

Today I am proud to say that I am done with smoking. There are a few things or situations that has really helped with my quitting. I want to share these with you, in case you are like I was, struggling to quit.

The real 'want' to stop

The last few weeks before I gave up smoking entirely I really really wanted to stop. The feeling I had was quite different from when I tried 2 years or 4 years. This time I knew that I want to start a family soon and I really had to change my bad habits. The first few times I tried to quit I usually end up asking myself why was I trying to quit and didn't have an answer. This time I am empowered by my answer and my real want to quit.

Encouragement and support

I have always got encouragement from friends and family to stop smoking, but it often sounded like a threat like - "You are going to die if you don't stop" or "Don't you want a healthy life?". More often than not it made me reach for another cigarette as it did make me feel bad for myself. This is not a 'pick me up' kind of encouragement, more like a 'push me down'. It didn't feel good.

Being away from most of my friends and family gave me some time to discover me. And being surrounded by new friends and co-workers who are too polite to be upfront simply because they just got to know me, did help. The encouragement and support I got started to sound like "Wow really, not one cigarette yesterday? That's great!" or "Well done, keep it up and you are on the road to be a non-smoker". It is true, sometimes it does matter how something is said rather than just the intentions behind saying it.

Quitting the lifestyle too

It was certainly the lifestyle that got me to start in the first place, therefore it will definitely take a lifestyle change to stop. When I was younger, around the time I started, I spent many hours a day chit chatting with my friends over a cup of tea or coffee. We enjoyed partying at happening clubs and discos, and drank lots of alcohol. Life was one big party, it was a great and fun lifestyle, not so great on the body though.

I can't help but to say I do miss some of those party days, but it is time to change. As I'm wiser now, it is time to make wiser choices too. Being around non smokers at mostly no smoking environment helped a lot with stopping. It is so easy not to think of it and suddenly my body starts rejecting even the smoke I accidentally inhaled from someone who is smoking besides me.

Today I enjoy a glass of wine or dinner with friends at a non smoking restaurant. I use to be the one hanging out outside with my cigarette and only going in to have my meal. Oh how I have missed out on all the conversation that went on when I was outside puffing away!

Never quit quitting

I usually don't like to use the word 'quit', even when it is for something good. Quitting sounds like giving up and giving up could also mean giving up on quitting.

Getting yourself off something addictive is not only a physical change when your body detox, but it is so much a psychological change that is driven by your emotions and your environment. It is very hard and might take longer than you think. But as long as you don't give up, you stand a chance in changing your life forever. Go forth and actively make that effort. If you did not achieve it today, remember there is always tomorrow for you to try again. All you have to do is keep at it.

No smoking will help you get your health and finances right back up!

These are my views and my experience on quitting cigarettes. It might work for you or it might not. If you are serious on quitting but have not succeeded, please seek medical help if that is available to you.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Custom Banner for AmyDesigns

I just did my first Custom made banner for AmyDesigns at ArtFire. This is a wonderful ArtFire shop that has many country inspired, shabby-chic themed handmade clothing, bags, home decor items and lots more.

I am really happy to be chosen to make this banner for Amy Desgins, and most importantly I am very happy that my customer is happy too!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Why not 'Made In China'?

Yes, I would like to know why has the term 'Made in China' makes everyone in the handmade community disgusted? Most big brands already have their items made in China, so quality should not be the reason. Besides for anyone who thinks that all items made in China is bad quality, that person does have a discriminating view, in my opinion!

Do I buy made in China? Of course I do, only if I can't help it. China is the factory of the world these days and as more and more of the items in the shops are made there it is becoming difficult not to buy items that were made in China. But the keyword here is difficult and not impossible. One example was a few weeks ago when my partner and I went grocery shopping and were about to pick up garlic, when we found that we had 2 options - first was a prepacked kilo of garlic imported from China and the other was loose garlic from Spain. The later was 3 times more expansive! Since we were on a budget we chose the ones from China.

I like to keep it simple and stick to my 2 main buying principles of -

1) "Where or when ever I can, I will choose not made in China".

This is simply because our shops are now filled with a good 70%-80% China made goods, therefore there is no escaping it. It takes a conscious effort to seek out an alternative and by doing so, maybe only 10%-20% of our daily buying is not made in China. Give the other nations and your local manufacturers a chance!

2) "If I had the choice, I will choose locally made to imported"

It doesn't matter if it was imported from Beijing, Milan, Paris or London, an import is an import. I'm in Australia and even I am not Australian, I would buy Australian where ever I can. This is because as soon as you buy an imported item you have increased your carbon footprint. Think of all the emissions into the environment as that item makes its way from thousands of kilometers to get into your shopping basket. A local choice is a good one environmentally too.

Besides those reasons I also support small local businesses, including charity shops. I am not embarrased to say that I visit Vinnies (St Vincent de Paul Society) every time I like to buy some clothing. You would be surprised what you can find there! I will keep the details for another post.

All said and done, China made goods are not poor quality. They are not made by little slave hands or in an inhumane way. China is a growing nation and manufacturing for other nations is thier bread and butter or economy building block, that requires the same respect as you would like for your handmade craft.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Banners - Roast

I recently found wonderful resource of some amazing color schemers by Adobe called Kuler.

Here are some new banners I created for Etsy or ArtFire sizes. Free re-size to blog and if you need the color code to coordinate other elements of your blog, just ask! Also if you like the design in your business card, post card or other marketing material, as long as I am capable, nothing is impossible!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Easy Mushroom Aglio Olio Recipe

This is my favorite quick and easy dish. I love pasta and mushrooms and whip this up really quickly one day when all I had was pasta and mushrooms!

Here is what I did. I am not going to use any exact measurements as I don't think anyone does that when they are cooking. You can try this with my simple instructions or modify it to suit your taste.


One serve of Spaghetti
2 medium size cloves of garlic, chopped
2 table spoons of olive oil
handful of fresh white/button mushrooms, chopped or sliced
a sprinkle of chili flakes
salt and pepper to tast
grated Parmesan


First cook your spaghetti according to the instructions on the packet. Make sure it's al-dente or cooked to your liking.
Place a fry pan on medium heat and add about 3/4 of the olive oil in. Do not wait until the pan is too hot before adding the oil as it takes the flavor away. Add in the chop garlic and stir. After a few minutes add in the mushrooms. Stir until mushrooms are cooked. Sprinkle in the chilli flakes, salt and pepper to your liking and add the spaghetti.
Stir rapidly to get an even coating all over the spaghetti. Once it's done serve, pour the rest of the olive oil all over it and grate Parmesan over the dish.

  • Do not wash your mushrooms or it will soak up the water and expels it when cooking. Instead you should wipe it or peel it.
  • The dish might get a little dry as the mushrooms will absorb the oil in the pan. If this happens add in a table spoon of water right after adding the mushrooms.
  • Add your chili flake before you add the spaghetti if you like a little more heat. This will allow the heat of the chili to mix with the oil.
  • For a vegan dish, just leave out the cheese!
Too easy!

Monday, November 2, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Have you watch this movie yet? Well last weekend we borrowed a few DVDs and since I've heard my girl friend speak about this movie, decided to get it.

So there we were after dinner all curled up on the sofa and ready for a mindless romantic comedy. As usual I expected - boy meets girl, falls in love or the other way... blah, blah, blah, tears, tears, tears and they kiss and I get a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy, and 'The End'. But to my surprise, although it ended with me wiping my tears off with my sleeve, it wasn't such a typical romantic comedy.

It was a bizarre this person who knows that person, who is related to this person... etc. connection type of story where the cast were all these famous people. But there were lots of truth and real life that was portrayed in the story line. A little drama-fied, but I could swear some of those things that happened to cute needy girl character Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin), where exactly those that happened to me while I was exploring the dating sphere.

And as I am growing up now and seeing my friends tie the knot one by one, while I sit in the crowd or join in as a bridesmaid, just wondering when and how will it ever be my turn, I can't help but to relate to Beth Murphy (Jennifer Aniston) the character who is in a 7 year long relationship that hasn't ripen into matrimony. And it is not that they are unsure about each other but that Neil (Ben Affleck) the boy friend just isn't ready and don't see the point of getting married.

I myself not too long ago left a really fabulous relationship that lasted almost a year for the sake of pursuing the regular path where two people fall in love, get married and have kids. For me having children has always been my dream and desire for as long as I know. And as much as I hope this is respected, I in the same way respected his want to travel without a family. It took me much thinking and courage to finally call it off simply because we had strong but conflicting needs. I wasn't going to make him do anything for my, unless that is what he wants too.

Love is really 'give and receive', I believe, and not 'give and take'. If you are taking what is not given to you, then you have taken what is not meant for you. If what you are receiving seems unbefitting with what you are giving and that does not make you happy, maybe it is time to work things out or walk right out.

This always gets my mind back to one question - Which is better, to love or to be loved?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Back to School!

It's my first day to school today! I don't know what to prepare, I don't think I need to sharpen my pencils... On top of it all I hardly slept last night.

Hope all is good and I will be back before 2pm today. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

From Beads to Bracelet

I am so glad to have received a message from one of my buyers who has turned the beads she bought from me into a lovely bracelet!

Her studio is called Mothers Love and has many wonderful items for sale.

Here is the bracelet.

And here is (or was) the bead.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Please Take A Moment!

A few days ago something really horrible happened in Melbourne. A mother waiting for a train at the platform just let go of her pram (stroller) for a second to pull up her pants up (literally) and the pram rolled off the platform!

This was caught entirely on the station's security camera. This is a link to the video, there are several but I wanted to get one that is clear and do not have lots of obscenities in the comments. Link - Baby hit by train. I warn you that this video is shocking, but rest assure the baby survived with a little bump on his head.

Many people might be angry with the mother, but what has she done wrong? The only thing I see that could have been her fault was that she got distracted and for that split second let her mind wonder. She wasn't on the phone or talking to friends, she just pulled her pants up! It could have been that she scratch her back or push her hair back or any insignificant action that we do all the time, but its that moment when we think nothing is going to happen, is when something happens!

Having said that we could not be on guard for something bad to happen every second of our lives or we will be stressed and life will just lose it's meaning. What we could do is to keep in mind that it is better we be safe than sorry and start forming good habits. If only she used the brakes all the time and it was a habit, things might have been different.

Yes there are things that are easier to do than others, but if we would just take a moment and think about the many near misses in our lives, like when we cross the street while on the phone and didn't realize until the front bumper of a car was right at the back of our knees; then form a small habit like answering the phone only after crossing, or put the caller on hold until crossing, we might not have to regret the consequences.

I really feel sorry for the driver of the train, who needed therapy after the traumatic incident.

Better safe than sorry! Have a good day everyone!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Going Raw - My Expeditions with Raw Food Diet

The first time I heard about raw food diet was on one episode of Oprah. Actually it was more of a little health test undergone by a group of people with regular modern day health issues like high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure... you know what I mean. They went on a diet consisting of only raw fruits and vegetables for 10 days, devouring over 11lbs of food a day! After this little test, most of their problems went away and some lost up to 10lbs of weight.

This has been playing in my mind for sometime now. With a little more time on my hands, I search the web which led me to this blog by Steve Pavlina (actually it was the first result if you Google 'Raw Food Diet'). Steve has gone 30 days strictly on low-fat raw food, and blogged about each of his day on the diet. On a few of his posts he has encountered "a feeling of euphoria"! Wow!I for one believe that this is true and that raw food could be really good as you are eating something that is still alive and still contains the energy of the sun. When I say 'alive' I mean that it still could be planted and would either sprout or continue growing. And not that your food will to get away from you! So yes, raw food meaning fresh raw fruits and vegetables.

My plan is to slowly replace my meals with raw food until it gets to about 80% of my diet. I've started with having smoothies in the morning and afternoons and will be sharing some of the combination. I will also try some raw food recipes and let you know what I think about them.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Re-newing My Blog

Yes! It will be spanking new! First I've changed the way it looks. Now I will be changing it's contents too.

My old blog was too cluttered and too filled with things about others. My new blog will be kept simple and easy to read. I also want to share more about me, the things I've learned and experience, with hopes that it will help others.

I would not stop featuring other studios or online shops, I think that is still fun and it is still what I like to do. The frequency however and the delivery will be slightly different.

So I hope you are all ready for a bit of change!

Monday, October 12, 2009

No Job Scenario, Where Am I Now?

It's been several weeks since I posted about losing my job to the economy. I am surprised to receive so many comments, some were encouraging, some were uplifting, but all was good. To receive attention from almost strangers at the moment I really needed to hear nice things, has left me with a deeper sense of belonging to this place we call cyberspace!

So this post is a little update on what I am planning for myself.

Firstly I am getting re-trained. I will be taking a course in hairdressing. I am quite tired (like sick and tired) of the corporate world, where after 11 years, I learned that in order to survive, you must be skilled in 'blowing your own trumpet' or 'fanning your own fire' or in plain words - making yourself seem important to the company.

I want to have a skill in my hands. So that how I use it or when I use it - are the only things that will determine the outcome of my own destiny. And not if my boss likes me or not.... well as long as I am not running my own business, I guess that will continue to be important :(

So I moved my Etsy graphic shop over to ArtFire and will be creating more banners and ads to help me towards my tuition fees! Below are some of the things currently listed.

Thank you all who read my earlier post, took time out to write me a few lines. Those minutes you spend on me will be appreciated eternaly!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Sale!

I am participating in the STS Halloween Sale!

Anything in the orange, yellow and white/black/clear categories are on 10% off from now until 31st October!

Coupon code is "STSHALLOWEENSALE" and you could also get it from the widget on the right.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What to get your co-workers for Christmas?

"You Can Sell It" ArtFire Guild is Hit Parade Float this week is Delightful_Stitches. So as I was setting up the Chatterbox post and all I took some time out to look at some of the things in this wonderful studio.

I found these really wonderful and a funny things which I think makes fun office Christmas pressies!

For the one who never stops whining or whinging!
For the coffee buddy!
For the one who never stops talking about her pugs!
And for the one who normally take takeaway lunch orders! (this would be me in the office!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ArtFire Rapid Cart Exchange - anyone interested?

I am looking to place my rapid cart on others blogs. How about an exchange? Anyone interested?

We could discuss the details but I am interested in one to one exchanges for one by one carts only. Meaning my cart on your blog is a one by one size and yours on mine is the same size. You will have my cart on your site for X amount of days and I will have yours on for the same amount of days.

Interested? Please comment here and provide me with your contact details if I don't already have it and I will contact your to discuss this in private.

Looking forward to spread my wings!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Loosing my job...

Yes, it will definitely be different. But it might be a good different...

My position at my workplace was recently made redundant. Although while saying this a lot of negativity runs through my mind, I can't help but to see what possibilities are out there for me.

I do have a rather boring but demanding job. I deal with the most painful to deal with people and although being a customer, never treated like one. And my boss do tell me ever once so in a while that, that is the reason why I am hired. Now, this has lead me to believe previously that I am indispensable! Until yesterday.

I have never been made redundant. I have always left a job because I wanted to or because I had a better offer else where, always the ball was on my court!

So how bad can it be? It is a new (although bad too) experience, definitely. But this new change is not necessary bad. It could be good for me...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hit Parade Float - CutsiePoochie

Each week a member of the YCSI will have their float in the Hit Parade and all other members will be cheering them on by promoting the chosen studio and items through blog mention, feature, tweets, kaboodle, FB… etc and will run all week long!

To celebrate the first float ever to be paraded on the YCSI Hit Parade, CutsiePoochie Guild Master was chosen for this joyous occasion! I am very delighted that so far the Hit
Parade is a success and I hope that it will continue to be successful. Also choosing CutsiePoochie as first float is very exciting as this studio is something different from the other hand made studios, as here you will find handmade items for your beloved pooch!

Are you missing out on all this fun and promotions? Come join the "You Can Sell It" guild on ArtFire, where we inspire and promote each other.

Get your verified ArtFire account here.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are you having a sale on ArtFire?

I have just started a new guild called 'Sell Through Sales' on ArtFire that is aimed to promote it's members studio sales or guild sales.

You might have already played around with the new cool Coupon Code generator and created your sales codes. It is now proudly displayed on your studio, your blog and you have twitted it a couple of times a day. Now all that needs to happen is for someone to grab it and use it!

This is the very aim of the guild - promote each others sale so that the word gets out there. Currently I am waiting for the 5 founding members to sign up so that the guild could be official-ised. So please do sign up at the "Sell Through Sales" guild!

Don't miss out on all the fun, get your own verified ArtFire studio now!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Unfinished Business!

To finish or not to finish? I am halfway through this necklace and something in me says to re-string. I made them of my favourite colours, but wonder if it is only me who would like them. What you think?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Special Blog Offer - 20% off STOREWIDE!

Special discount for my blog readers - 20% off store wide! Wow I am loving ArtFire!

ArtFire has just launch a great Coupon Code generating tool that allows me to generate codes for discounts or free gifts. It is really simple and easy to use with the link to the guide right on the same page.

ArtFire has done an amazing job with helping us sell and promote better. Get your own ArtFire shop today! Just click here

So any purchase from my ArtFire shop, all you need to do is to include the code that is shown on the top left side of my blog when checking out and you will automatically get 20% off your purchas. Hurry this code last only for 60 days!

Register on ArtFire.com

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Show Me Your... Purple!

Come and show me your purple!

This is a live post, so post a link to your items in comments and it will be shown here. After the 5th item this post will be closed. And a new one will be opened.

This is a weekly thing, so please keep checking back every Wednesday!

I will also link to your item and give a good comment on your item!

These are my purple disc Czech glass beads. They are 12mm in diameter and are clear. I love these as they are very flexible and useful in many of my projects!

Hope you like them too!

Napa - 14 ounce Palm Wax Pillar Candle by Jennuine Candles

Oh! I love the textures on this candle and the colour is lovely too that will work really nice in a light lilac or lilac themed room. It has light grape scent, lovely!

Lilac Perfume Body Spray and Lilac Botanical Body Lotion by Essensu - 4 oz duo

Beautiful alcohol free body spray that comes with a matching body lotion, this duo makes a really wonderful Christmas present. Both at a very affordable price and made with natural ingredients.

Plum Shell Necklace by botanicalbird

This is a really pretty necklace! I love the unique plum purple, only downside is its sold :(

Moss amethyst handmade necklace by Ilmare

I love the colour on these stones. Different hues makes them look delicate at the same time adds interest. Very elegant!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your Chance to Win a $25 Gift Certificate!

"You Can Sell It" is having an August promotion. From Aug 24-Aug 30 any customer that shops in one of our participating guild shops and notes that they are buying to participate in the contest, will be entered to receive one $25 gift certificate. The drawing will be held on August 31 and the winner will be announced on September 1st. Here are the rules:

To qualify for a chance to win a $25 in-store gift certificate:

1) Purchase any item from one the participating stores during the week of August 23 - 29 (2009) and write "gift certificate entry" in the seller notes during checkout.

2) Your name will then be entered in the drawing and a winner will be chosen at random.

3) Winner will be notified by September 01, 2009.

4) If you would like to know the name of the winner, use the contact button in any participating store. The seller will provide you with the name.

Read more about this on this forum post.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some of my latest this week

Here are some of my latest addition to my ArtFire shop. All items sell at $1/pk. Please read the item description for the quantities per pack.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some Visitors...

If you've noticed that I have been slagging a little with my blogging and features. It is because I had visitors over the last few days.

My parents came to visit for 8 days. Yes! The last 8 days have only been about them. We had lots of fun and visited many places in Sydney which I have not gone on my own. We also went to have lots of really really good food!

Here's a pic of them at the Sydney Aquarium

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Choice ArtFire Shop - Jewelry Works by Kim

I have been seeing this shop's avatar quite frequently on forums. It seems to be one of those avatars that just stick in your mind. I am glad that I visit the shop as there was some wonderful items here.

Jewelry Works by Kim seems to be the everyday woman's favorite jewelry shop. Currently having 50 items on sale, all the items are simple but has that little 'something' that makes it look very interestng. They are made with some unique looking beads and findings that gives the pieces character.

I also like the style of photography used in the shop. Colours are not too contrasting and the background is quite consistent giving the shop a complete and harmonious feel to it. Prices are very affordable to. Also there is a weekend sale on now!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Feature Me Friday - Wooden You Know

Wooden You Know is a shop that sells handcrafted wooden puzzles, scroll saw art, wooden mini clocks and wooden toys

Shown Above (clockwise from top right) - Rainbow Trout Mini Clock, Elk Napkin Holder, Wooden Unicorn Puzzle and Bear Cub Scroll Saw Art

Price Range - $5.00 to $99.50

4 Most Popular Items -Dragon Clock, Howling Coyote Scroll Saw Art, Wooden Moose Puzzle and Wooden Horse Puzzle

There will be more wooden toys in this shop, so please keep coming back!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Show Me Your... Blue!

This week lets show off our Blue!

This is a live post, so post a link to your items in comments and it will be shown here. After the 5th item this post will be closed. And a new one will be opened.

This is a weekly thing, so please keep checking back every Wednesday!

I will also link to your item and give a good comment on your item!

So I start first!

These are Czech glass beads that are blueish greenish and purplish. Very unique and cute!

Silky Body Wash with Botanical Extracts & Luxury Moisturizers (No SLS) by essensu

This is a great SLS free product, which I think is very well priced. If you are wondering what's the fuss is about SLS, short for sodium laureth sulfate, it is a chemical that creates the foaminess of bath products, shampoo and just about anything that foams. It has a corosive nature that 'degreases'. In the case of bath products, it strips away your natural skin's moisture and can slowly weaken your body's natural moisture regulation mechanisms.

Correct me if I am wrong here, but I think it is bad for the environment too.

Blue Peacock All-Occasion Greeting Card by Actuali Design

This is a lovely and neat card. Truly suitable for all occasions also regardless if the receiver is a lady or a man. I can't think of any
occasion or purpose where this card is not suitable.

Great work!

Baby Boy Booties Card by Valmade

These are just so adorable! Baby booties that were actually knitted by the maker! I just love the colours too, they are really sweet!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Off this weekend

Sorry if you don't see the weekly posts this week. I am off, celebrating my birthday! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Show me your... Green!

This is a live post, so post a link to your items in comments and it will be shown here. After the 5th item this post will be closed.

This is a weekly thing, so please keep checking back every Wednesday!

I will also link to your item and give a good comment on your item!

So I start first!

I love these, they are actually really cute in person! I am going to make my mom a bracelet hopefully with green beads.

Balloons Birthday Card by ValMade

This is a unique card! The balloons are actually metal stuck on the card with raised adhesives so that they look 3D. How cool!

Grass Stain Soap by SubEarthan Cottage

Grass scented soap? I love the smell of freshly cut grass and frankly don't know who doesn't. So this is a great idea and would be a wonderful gift.

Handbuilt Earthenware Ceramic Catalpa Leaf Bowl by HarmonArt

This is lovely! This will be great as a 'key bowl', a beautiful piece waiting for you at the door. I love things like this - it's decorative and yet has a function or a purpose.

Uplifting - 9 ounce Palm Wax Candle with Wood Wick by Jennuine Candles

This candle has a lemongrass/citrus scent with just a hint of sage! Did you know that in South East Asia (mosquito's favorite hang out) we actually use lemongrass candles to keep bugs away? So this to me must be the modern and stylish version.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday - Time to Reflect

It's Sunday here down under! As I prepare for a busy week ahead with work and getting my new supplies shop up WorldInColour and running, I want to stop and take a few minutes of my time to re-flect on how fortunate I really am.

I struggle everyday to get out of bed early enough to catch the early train to work and get there on time before my boss pulls a long face at me. Then I struggle again to understand what my really weird colleagues are trying to tell me when they explain what they want from me. Then I struggle again to get dinner on the table and look all happy and prepped-up before my partner things that something is wrong. Struggle? I don't think I really know what struggle is.

What I am going through is what some people wish they could have, a normal life. I can't help but to say (what we all already know) that there are some who has it worst than me. How lucky they think I am, to be able to have something to cook, while they don't even have something to eat! To be able to afford to get on the train and have somewhere to go, while they are stuck, both where they are and in their lives.

"Put all your complaints aside, and you will make way for your heart to truly appreciate the best you have in life!"

Small change can make big changes:
“I saw a little girl on TV who’d lost her whole family in the tsunami being treated at a makeshift Australian hospital. Afterwards, she was being put back on the streets.That’s when I knew those kids needed our help.”
Father Chris Riley

Redkite is an Australian charity that supports children, young people and their families through cancer by providing emotional support, financial assistance and educational services.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Choice ArtFire Shop - HarmonArt

My choice ArtFire Shop for this Saturday is HarmonArt! This wonderful and unique ArtFire shop is the work of husband and wife, Brian and Emily Harmon. Even their avatar is a picture of them both. I get a great sense of family warmth here and it is wonderful to see a couples working together!

Thier items are unique as this is the first time (maybe need more exposure?) I've seen gourd that are so beatifully decorated and used in so many different ways. Coming from a Chinese background dried gourd in ancient China were used as a water bottle or to keep wine. In mordern day Chinese culture, the gourd symbolises longevity in feng shui. So this is a wonderful give for someones birthday, it will be like wishing the person will have a long and good life!

The rest of the shop is filled with earthenware in a warm autumn tone. There are bowls, decorative items, jewelry ... etc, which I find to be very practical and useful. They will make the perfect gift for a nature lover!

World In Colour on ArtFire

Yes finally! I have successfully re-invented my ArtFire shop to become a supplies store. Actually it is a little bit also a de-stash store as since I started making some jewelry for myself, I have collected not only beads and finding, but a list of wholesale suppliers. I figured that if I could get them at wholesale price I would be able to reduce the cost of my new found hobby and share the rest with others.

All the prices are all kept at $1.00/pkt, small cost covering some of my time and packing material. And they are all categoriesd by colour so that you could instantly look for that one colour you are looking for.

In the future I will be adding a colour guide for each item for easy colour matching and product matching. And you will see new things every day or two, so please keep coming back to my shop!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Feature Me Friday - Glitzer

Glitzer is a handmade jewelry store inspired by nature and florals, especially the vibrant colors in flowers, and where products are colorful and bold and will be the focal point of the wearer.

Shown Above (clockwise from top right) -La Vie En Rose Necklace, Morning Dew Leaf Necklace, Fuschia Glow Ribbon Pearl Drop Necklace and Petite Pois Vintage Ribbon Earrings

Price Range - $10.00 to $40.00

4 Most Popular Items - Signature Glitzer Rouge Earrings, Hawaiian Tropic Dazzling Floral Earrings, Pear and Leaf on Jade Earrings and Serendipity Earrings

Look out for the new fall line which should be released pretty soon and in conjunction with store owner's birthday, look out for upcoming store discounts at Glitzer!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Themed Thursday Treasures - RED

This is the first Triple T - Themed Thursday Treasures! Therefore the theme is Red! Would love to see what other themes you could think of, so please do comment and leave a suggestion.Clockwise from top right -
1)Red Hawaii Tote Bag with Small Purse by Glorious Hats
2)Sitting Still by yumi yumi
3)Victorian Tea Red Hat Luncheon Accessory by GypsyGoods
4)Roses are Red - Oxidized Sterling Silver Ring by BeadinBabe

Monday, July 13, 2009

Inspirational Mondays - MoxieRings

It's Monday again! For many of us it is frustrating that the weekend went by in a flash, but for some of us it was a disappointing weekend with low sales. But it is the thing that keeps us going that actually get sales coming. Just like MoxieRings, started by Susie in July 2005 the shop manage 1097 sales to date. Here's how -

RROF - Is your Etsy shop your main source of income? If not what is your regular job? (This question is intended to give an idea about how you need to divide your time, which is common issue amongst a lot of people here),

MR - Nope not the main source of income by a long shot!, I wish!I am a graphic designer, currently seeking employment, so I am spending huge amounts of time just searching for a job these days, but at one time Etsy was much businer for me,

RROF - When you started listing your first few items, was the response what you expected?
MR - I signed up to Etsy as member #1150 so it was very early days, and there was nothing happening sales wise. I had my first sale after 6 months and then focused more energy into it, as I saw potential.

RROF - Looking back, share with us some of the mistakes you think you've made when you just got started, and how you overcome them.
MR - No mistakes per se. I would recommend to new craters that they realize not everything will sell though, and just because you can make it does not mean there is a market for it.
I do recommend making sure u have a creative niche, especially when it comes to the jewelry category, which is overfilled and nearly impossible to to get any action in unless you have some outstanding product or insane prices!

RROF - Have you ever felt like giving up? What made you stay?
MR - HAAHAA I gove up all the time but cannot really since I am a creative junkie!

I am compelled to make jewelry and other crafty stuff. When I realized jewelry was a ridiculously overstuffed category I thought why not sell the custom earring cards I make for myself in a customized way for others? I also have always made notepads so started to sell those too! And of course I started offering web banners for Etsy or any other site, ad or blog, was among the first to do so, so it was good to start wit early on…

RROF - How do you promote? And in your opinion, which works best for you?,
MR - I used to have 40-50 orders a month, so I think I should probably check into the forums more often, though I find that promoting there does not net sales or even hits like it used to, and I had also tried purchasing banner ads on other sites (cannot recall names) but I found that was fruitless, too. If I thought a particular site would net some sales I would advertise again.

RROF - If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently?,

MR - I would probably do it all the same!

RROF - Any other thing, thoughts, advice, links, ... etc you would like to share with the Newbies?
MR - My pet peeve with some pages is that they write so much that you have to scroll down a bunch just to see the featured products! Pictures sell much better than paragraphs of written words, save all that stuffing for the profile page is what I recommend! Keep it a short blurb and then let your pics and graphics do the talking, especially banners, I notice which DO NOT communicate what your shop is all about, either graphically or with a short catch line…
In bricks and mortar retail, it is all about putting your best forward and same with online sales, make the pics appetizing and quick to grasp words where necessary!

If you do not make a killing right away on Etsy, do not give up, focus on your craft fairs and wholesale accounts, as I have found that things I cannot giveaway on Etsy, sell like hotcakes in person! No substitute for hands on selling where the customer can touch the goods! And once u reach a customer out here in the real world, make sure u do not let them go without your Etsy url be it on a business card, bookmark or whatever! Return customers are the name of the game!

RROF - Thank you Susie of MoxieRings for your time with this interview, it is much appreciated! Wishing you the best with your shop!