Thursday, July 23, 2009

Show me your... Green!

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So I start first!

I love these, they are actually really cute in person! I am going to make my mom a bracelet hopefully with green beads.

Balloons Birthday Card by ValMade

This is a unique card! The balloons are actually metal stuck on the card with raised adhesives so that they look 3D. How cool!

Grass Stain Soap by SubEarthan Cottage

Grass scented soap? I love the smell of freshly cut grass and frankly don't know who doesn't. So this is a great idea and would be a wonderful gift.

Handbuilt Earthenware Ceramic Catalpa Leaf Bowl by HarmonArt

This is lovely! This will be great as a 'key bowl', a beautiful piece waiting for you at the door. I love things like this - it's decorative and yet has a function or a purpose.

Uplifting - 9 ounce Palm Wax Candle with Wood Wick by Jennuine Candles

This candle has a lemongrass/citrus scent with just a hint of sage! Did you know that in South East Asia (mosquito's favorite hang out) we actually use lemongrass candles to keep bugs away? So this to me must be the modern and stylish version.


Valmade said...

Wow, I thought that was a grape when I first looked at it :)

I have a green birthday card, although I don't actually know how to get the pic to show up here. The link is

Charity said...

Those are cute! Here's my green - Grass Stain Soap:

It has a wonderful, fresh clean grassy scent.

HarmonArt said...

How about this mossy green catalpa leaf bowl. It gets a bunch of hits, but no buyers. :(

jennuinecandles said...

Very cute!!

From my Great Outdoors Collection...Uplifting has a lemongrass/citrus scent with just a hint of sage.