Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What to get your co-workers for Christmas?

"You Can Sell It" ArtFire Guild is Hit Parade Float this week is Delightful_Stitches. So as I was setting up the Chatterbox post and all I took some time out to look at some of the things in this wonderful studio.

I found these really wonderful and a funny things which I think makes fun office Christmas pressies!

For the one who never stops whining or whinging!
For the coffee buddy!
For the one who never stops talking about her pugs!
And for the one who normally take takeaway lunch orders! (this would be me in the office!)

1 comment:

jacjewelry said...

OMG I am going to get the coffee one for my boss, and the pug one for my mother-in-law! These are the best finds yet. Thank you!