Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Please Take A Moment!

A few days ago something really horrible happened in Melbourne. A mother waiting for a train at the platform just let go of her pram (stroller) for a second to pull up her pants up (literally) and the pram rolled off the platform!

This was caught entirely on the station's security camera. This is a link to the video, there are several but I wanted to get one that is clear and do not have lots of obscenities in the comments. Link - Baby hit by train. I warn you that this video is shocking, but rest assure the baby survived with a little bump on his head.

Many people might be angry with the mother, but what has she done wrong? The only thing I see that could have been her fault was that she got distracted and for that split second let her mind wonder. She wasn't on the phone or talking to friends, she just pulled her pants up! It could have been that she scratch her back or push her hair back or any insignificant action that we do all the time, but its that moment when we think nothing is going to happen, is when something happens!

Having said that we could not be on guard for something bad to happen every second of our lives or we will be stressed and life will just lose it's meaning. What we could do is to keep in mind that it is better we be safe than sorry and start forming good habits. If only she used the brakes all the time and it was a habit, things might have been different.

Yes there are things that are easier to do than others, but if we would just take a moment and think about the many near misses in our lives, like when we cross the street while on the phone and didn't realize until the front bumper of a car was right at the back of our knees; then form a small habit like answering the phone only after crossing, or put the caller on hold until crossing, we might not have to regret the consequences.

I really feel sorry for the driver of the train, who needed therapy after the traumatic incident.

Better safe than sorry! Have a good day everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I saw that on tv, didn't think the Mom did anything really wrong, am not a judge of that sort of stuff. We can always be more aware of the dangers around us, whoeer and wherever we are.