Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Show Me Your... Blue!

This week lets show off our Blue!

This is a live post, so post a link to your items in comments and it will be shown here. After the 5th item this post will be closed. And a new one will be opened.

This is a weekly thing, so please keep checking back every Wednesday!

I will also link to your item and give a good comment on your item!

So I start first!

These are Czech glass beads that are blueish greenish and purplish. Very unique and cute!

Silky Body Wash with Botanical Extracts & Luxury Moisturizers (No SLS) by essensu

This is a great SLS free product, which I think is very well priced. If you are wondering what's the fuss is about SLS, short for sodium laureth sulfate, it is a chemical that creates the foaminess of bath products, shampoo and just about anything that foams. It has a corosive nature that 'degreases'. In the case of bath products, it strips away your natural skin's moisture and can slowly weaken your body's natural moisture regulation mechanisms.

Correct me if I am wrong here, but I think it is bad for the environment too.

Blue Peacock All-Occasion Greeting Card by Actuali Design

This is a lovely and neat card. Truly suitable for all occasions also regardless if the receiver is a lady or a man. I can't think of any
occasion or purpose where this card is not suitable.

Great work!

Baby Boy Booties Card by Valmade

These are just so adorable! Baby booties that were actually knitted by the maker! I just love the colours too, they are really sweet!


essensu said...

Silky Body Wash with Botanicals in a soothing ocean scent. (Not sure how you want the link posted).

Actuali Design (Ali) said...

Here are mine! I love this idea of a live post to share our stuff. :)

Bright Blue Birthday Greeting Card:

This card would be perfect for a little boy's birthday, but there's no reason an older guy, or girl for that matter, wouldn't like it, too. It's not exactly subtle, either-- the accompanying gift had better measure up!

Blue Peacock Greeting Card

This card can handle anything you want to throw at it. A birthday coming up? Perfect. Need to say your thanks? Even better. Be creative with it. I dare you.

Orange and Blue Fun Wedding Card

This card is the perfect way to send your best wishes to your favourite couple. It's just as bright and playful as they are.

Valmade said...

Love those beads.

I have lots of blue. This baby card is one of my favourites. A card with knitting attached :)