Thursday, August 20, 2009

Show Me Your... Purple!

Come and show me your purple!

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These are my purple disc Czech glass beads. They are 12mm in diameter and are clear. I love these as they are very flexible and useful in many of my projects!

Hope you like them too!

Napa - 14 ounce Palm Wax Pillar Candle by Jennuine Candles

Oh! I love the textures on this candle and the colour is lovely too that will work really nice in a light lilac or lilac themed room. It has light grape scent, lovely!

Lilac Perfume Body Spray and Lilac Botanical Body Lotion by Essensu - 4 oz duo

Beautiful alcohol free body spray that comes with a matching body lotion, this duo makes a really wonderful Christmas present. Both at a very affordable price and made with natural ingredients.

Plum Shell Necklace by botanicalbird

This is a really pretty necklace! I love the unique plum purple, only downside is its sold :(

Moss amethyst handmade necklace by Ilmare

I love the colour on these stones. Different hues makes them look delicate at the same time adds interest. Very elegant!


jennuinecandles said...

From my Savory Aromas Collection - Napa is simply put, a very light grape fragrance. Purely enjoyable.

Napa - 14 ounce Palm Wax Pillar Candle

essensu said...

Lilac Perfume Body Spray and Lilac Botanical Body Lotion - 4 oz duo.

Our Lilac Skin-Loving Botanical Body Lotion is packed with moisturizing butters and oils, further enhanced with botanical extracts; aloe leaf, fennel and sage, in addition to wheat protein and vitamin E, assures your skin will be left soft, smooth and replenished.

Our Lilac Perfume Body Spray is a delightful finishing touch after your bath or shower. Provides a quick and easy way to apply lost moisture to your skin during the day, or to quickly apply a light moisturizing product after bathing. Alcohol free.

Botanical Bird said...

Plum Shell Necklace
by Botanical Bird

Plum Shell Necklace
Here is a lovely plum colored shell necklace, featuring a purple mother of pearl shell, with sweet little silver bird, tiny purple Swarovski crystal and two vintage purple beads strung onto a gun metal finished chain.

Il Mare Atelier said...

Violets - Moss Amethyst handmade necklace

Gentle hues of lavender and violets interplay with pin sized inclusions in these sparkly and colourful moss amethyst gems! Brushed vermeil bead caps add a rustic accent to this beautiful pendant which hangs from goldfilled figaro chains and bound by a (goldfilled) toggle clasp.