Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are you having a sale on ArtFire?

I have just started a new guild called 'Sell Through Sales' on ArtFire that is aimed to promote it's members studio sales or guild sales.

You might have already played around with the new cool Coupon Code generator and created your sales codes. It is now proudly displayed on your studio, your blog and you have twitted it a couple of times a day. Now all that needs to happen is for someone to grab it and use it!

This is the very aim of the guild - promote each others sale so that the word gets out there. Currently I am waiting for the 5 founding members to sign up so that the guild could be official-ised. So please do sign up at the "Sell Through Sales" guild!

Don't miss out on all the fun, get your own verified ArtFire studio now!

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Rachel Kovaciny said...

Artfire does seem awesome, but I'm so busy already with my Etsy shop and my blog... sigh. Good luck to you!

Also, thought you might want to know about the giveaway I'm doing on my blog. Go here to enter: