Monday, October 12, 2009

No Job Scenario, Where Am I Now?

It's been several weeks since I posted about losing my job to the economy. I am surprised to receive so many comments, some were encouraging, some were uplifting, but all was good. To receive attention from almost strangers at the moment I really needed to hear nice things, has left me with a deeper sense of belonging to this place we call cyberspace!

So this post is a little update on what I am planning for myself.

Firstly I am getting re-trained. I will be taking a course in hairdressing. I am quite tired (like sick and tired) of the corporate world, where after 11 years, I learned that in order to survive, you must be skilled in 'blowing your own trumpet' or 'fanning your own fire' or in plain words - making yourself seem important to the company.

I want to have a skill in my hands. So that how I use it or when I use it - are the only things that will determine the outcome of my own destiny. And not if my boss likes me or not.... well as long as I am not running my own business, I guess that will continue to be important :(

So I moved my Etsy graphic shop over to ArtFire and will be creating more banners and ads to help me towards my tuition fees! Below are some of the things currently listed.

Thank you all who read my earlier post, took time out to write me a few lines. Those minutes you spend on me will be appreciated eternaly!


Il Mare Atelier said...

Hi, I hope things start looking up for you very soon!

Vicki said...

I will be praying for you as you step out in faith & new ventures!

Melek granado said...

Yini, I'm wishing you all the best in your quest for change! You impress me as a go-getter, I know you will go, and you will get it!:-)