Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday - Time to Reflect

It's Sunday here down under! As I prepare for a busy week ahead with work and getting my new supplies shop up WorldInColour and running, I want to stop and take a few minutes of my time to re-flect on how fortunate I really am.

I struggle everyday to get out of bed early enough to catch the early train to work and get there on time before my boss pulls a long face at me. Then I struggle again to understand what my really weird colleagues are trying to tell me when they explain what they want from me. Then I struggle again to get dinner on the table and look all happy and prepped-up before my partner things that something is wrong. Struggle? I don't think I really know what struggle is.

What I am going through is what some people wish they could have, a normal life. I can't help but to say (what we all already know) that there are some who has it worst than me. How lucky they think I am, to be able to have something to cook, while they don't even have something to eat! To be able to afford to get on the train and have somewhere to go, while they are stuck, both where they are and in their lives.

"Put all your complaints aside, and you will make way for your heart to truly appreciate the best you have in life!"

Small change can make big changes:
“I saw a little girl on TV who’d lost her whole family in the tsunami being treated at a makeshift Australian hospital. Afterwards, she was being put back on the streets.That’s when I knew those kids needed our help.”
Father Chris Riley

Redkite is an Australian charity that supports children, young people and their families through cancer by providing emotional support, financial assistance and educational services.

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