Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Choice ArtFire Shop - Yours Truli

My choice this Saturday is Yours Truli - a shop with unique Renaissance/Victorian Vintage styled jewelry handmade from a combination of real vintage and brand new components.

What I like about Yours Truli?
Consistency. Yes, I am a sucker for all things uniformed, all things that come in the same looking package and comes in a set, just like those miniature cosmetic give away bags. However, Yours Truli has a consistent style not only with the jewelry pieces that is on sale but also the way it is photographed and presented.

The description is a little too long for people who are just browsing, but it provides sufficient information for the person who is close to making a purchase. We normally browse shops, zoom in on one or two items, then read about them to know what we are purchasing. For this reason the description does help alot. All Yours Truli items again is consistantly described by materials used, over all look and style of the piece, size and other information.

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jinx1764 said...

She does have some really nice vintage inspired pieces.

Judy said...

Ooo! Good choice. I love Truli's art, and she's a terrific supporter of other artisans.