Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Artfire Shop - Grand Opening Freebie

I have just opened RedRubyonFire on Artfire! It is not fully stocked yet, but new items will be added weekly, so please do visit me!

Since it's my 'Grand Opening', all items are on sale of 20% off! And if you have an ArtFire shop too, please comment here and I will visit your shop, take a good look around and make you a shop banner, totally free!

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Diane said...

Guess I am your first Artfire comment here. I would love for you to look around and see what you can come up with. I hate my banner right now and have been struggling with trying to come up with a new one. My shop is
Good luck with your shop, Love your stuff on Etsy

Jennifer said...

Welcome to ArtFire... you will love it! Lots of fun and people are very helpful... good luck!

Andrea Designs said...

Hey Red,
Nice blog, I am following you also. I would like to be featured in your blog.
My studio name is Andrea Designs and url is
Welcome to Artfire.
Andrea Wagner

Kevin Ian said...

Welcome to ArtFire and thank you for adding your creative voice to our community. If you ever have any questions you can reach us at , on twitter, or by phone. Good luck and many sales!

ArtFire Member Engagment

RedRubyonFire said...

Good to see that there are real people behind ArtFire!

SiSi said...

Wow a free banner? I definitely need one. Although I am in the process of getting my shop name changed, you can still visit it at :) and welcome to Artfire!