Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Colour Schemer

Have you ever got stuck with colours? Like you have a real nice green and you don't exactly know what would go well with it? Try the Color Scheme Designer.

It has a real nice and easy to use interface and allows you to choose 6 combination or scheme types. Colours will come up with hexadecimal or Hex numbers which you could just key in on the computer if you are using it for graphics or Photoshop. You could also use it to change your blog colour scheme. Once you got your scheme you could just export the whole scheme to use on your computer!

If you want to use it with Microsoft Words or Excel to create a banner, you need the RGB of the colours. There are many RGB to Hex (or the other way round) converters online.

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Il Mare Atelier said...

This is very useful. Thanks for sharing this!