Wednesday, March 31, 2010

52 Weeks of Baking - Week #4 Not So Blooming Brownies...

After the success with my fish pie, I did not look anywhere else for brownies recipe but headed right back to Jamie Oliver's website and picked out his Bloomin' Brilliant Brownies recipe. Although I did not have all the necessary equipment, by that I meant the square baking pan, I soldiered on.

Firstly I was shocked by the amount of butter the recipe required, the whole block of 250g! Then the amount of dried items was made of a little bit flour, a little bit cocoa powder and a whole lot of 360gm sugar. Oh yes, I know it is suppose to be really chocolaty and sweet. But forgive my ignorance here.... that much?!?

Anyways I stuck to the recipe, even went out to buy a kitchen scale (which turn out not small enough), to get it right. But totally forgot the square pan. So in the oven it went and 20 mins later I took it out, just as the recipe said. But the middle was wobbly and wet. Instinctively I put in the oven and left it there for another 20 mins. Alright, I havent developed and instinct for baking yet.

Well it ended up wet and crumbly like my horrible experience with the pineapple upside down cake! Frustrated, I wrapped it in shrink wrap and chuck it in the fridge. The next day we revisited the brownie to decide if it was a keeper or not. To our amazement it set! It was firm in the middle. Although hard to the touch, once in the mouth the crust around it had a chocolate chip cookie texture and the inside was like a soft chocolate bar.

So it was not that bad after all! Jamie Oliver still rocks!

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bungaloe said...

it looks delicious. i like to undercook my brownies just a smidge cause i like the fudgy-ness so i would probably love yours

Donna said...

Hi, I'm Donna from Comin' Home and I noticed that you recently signed up to follow my blog. So I thought I'd drop by and say "Thanks" and visit your blog. I'm impressed that you are working so hard on your cooking. Of all the things I do, that's the one thing that I'm not particularly 'in' to. I cook a lot of things very well...but I get them done..and quickly so I can do what I love...sewing and making fabric art. I have to admit though that this post made me laugh! It's so sweet and funny. It's amazing how good something can taste even if it doesn't look particularly appetizing! Great post!

The Sudden Cook said...

The butter and sugar measurements sound about right....However I only bake mine for about 28 mins. If you would like slightly fudgi-er then 25 mins should do. What temp did u use?