Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Wants!

Some interesting and beatiful pieces here! Ooooh I want! I want! I want!

Harry handbag in brown by Lisaroy

This is a beautifully structured handbag in brown wool, upcycled from a vintage man's suit jacket! I love the clean lines and crispness of the bag giving it a lot of characteristics without going over board with design elements. Wonderful!

Jason Yenter Floragraphix Quilted Placemats byKimbuktu

I love the colours in this placemats. They are bright and sunny and a little etnic as well. I think Kimbuktu did a good job with the photo as well, with the props and the lighting.

Triple Earthtone Embroidered Earrings by ThreadFed

Isn't this a unique pair of earrings? The colours are lovely and the fringe does add a lot of texture to the design. There are many other unique pieces in this shop.

Magical Forrest Potpourri Frame by QueenOfAllTrades

This is so cute! I love square photo frames, and the colour of this is really exquisite. Wonder if it is scented potpourri? It stands on it's own too, lovely!


Jessica said...

I want that handbag too! Thanks for sharing!

Terry Aske said...

Lovely picks. Those placemats are gorgeous, and the earrings are cute and unique.

Anonymous said...

I love those placemats. So beautiful!!!