Monday, March 8, 2010

My 52 Weeks of Baking

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating"

Above - Sticky Date Pudding I made this week.

Baking or cooking in general is calming to me. I search recipes out, follow them with some modification and reap the benefits. All in the span of hours - I seek, execute and reward myself. After a good day of baking or 'intentional cooking' - not the every night quick dinner fix - I feel like I have renewed myself.

I am setting out to challenge myself to bake once a week for every week from April onwards. This is in hope I will stick to doing something I set out to do for an entire year. I've always been weak at keeping up with myself! Therefore if you like to motivate me or show some support to my efforts, please join my an email swap I am hosting on - 52 Weeks of Baking.


The Sudden Cook said...

Email swap? How does that work?
Anyways all the best - got some baking recipes on my blog if you wanna try lo - I recommend the Orange Butter cake and Moist Chocolate Cupcakes!!

RedRubyonFire said...

We will be exchanging recipes, photos and some experience on the swap. It will be a fun way to keep up and exchange recipes!