Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tutorial Tuesdays - Using Flickr to Edit Your Photos

I would like to share with you something interesting about Flickr. Do you have a Flickr account yet? Have you tried out their free photo editing software called Picnik? It is quite a simple to use editing software that allows you to do some common editing to your images.

Here is an example of what I achieved with Picnik.

On the left is the original picture of this cute fondant man my colleague made for another colleague's farewell. On the right is the finished image edited with Picnik on Flickr.

The main functions I used in editing this image is Sharpen - to give the image a sharper and clearer look and Exposure - to brighten the picture a little. The user interface is simple with a slider for you to adjust the amount of editing to the picture. Below is an example.
There are also other advaced tools which you might have to pay a yearly fee for, which is inexpansive. However if you are just using some basic editting tools, don't worry just yet!

I also used some effects like, Vignetting - which give the picture a little darker edges, Boost - which like it's name gives the picture a little boost (allows you to control the highlights and shadows seperately) and adding some text. Here is a screen shot.

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