Monday, June 1, 2009

The 3 Last Movies I Watched

So let's deviate a little from work! It's my Monday here and after spending the whole weekend working on my June promos, I deserve a break.

Let's talk movies! Here are the 3 last movies I watched and what I think about them -

This weekend - The Last King of Scotland
This movie is 'suppose' to be a great show. It won 34 awards and received another 21 nominations. But I guess I watched it at the wrong time. Firstly I do not like movies that begins with a sense of hopelessness. 10 minutes into the movie and the main actor makes blunders to get himself into such a mess that the rest of the movie is about him getting out of it. Oh well he survives in the end!

Last Sunday - The Children of the Silk Road (The Children of Huang Shi)
This is a contrast to the movie above. Yes I contradict myself as this movie also starts with a sense of hopelessness, however the mood of the movie rises as the British journalist stays to help a group of children orphaned by the war. Maybe I just like movies that has kid actors! It's a true story too!

Last Saturday - X-Men Origins - Wolverine
I went to the cinema for this one. It was great! I'm sorry that I just love Hugh Jackman and am starting to feel like all his movies are just the best! However I am disappointing with the lack of budget spent on the effects. I think it went to actors and blowing things up. Still love it!

This week I will be watching Black Ice and Step Brother... maybe a few more too!

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sevenwestdesigns said...

I haven't watched any of those films, however, I will be watching the Wolverine one. I also love Hugh Jackman!