Saturday, May 23, 2009

Do you use Project Wonderful?

I just started my Project Wonderful account (right after I successfully created my blinkie) and found that I am totally hooked on it!

Firstly I have always been a computer games junky. Having a personal relationship with the computer was the first thing that got me going with the Etsy shop. I figured if I spent the amount of time on the computer for something that would benefit me in some ways, like learning new things and making some $$ on the side, I would feel like I wasted all this time.

Now come Project Wonderful and I feel totally glued to it! It's almost like a game with all the colourful charts and the goal is to get as many free advertising spots possible. And there is that sense of acheivement when that very free spot is found!

Urm... do you think something is wrong with me? Or are you somehow stuck in a similar situation?

If you have a Project Wonderful space on your blog, please comment so that I could come by and bid on your page!!!

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