Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Offer You Can't Refuse!

Ever heard that before? The first time I heard that I was being offered a job. 6 interviews and they haven't told me what I was likely to be paid. I got a little frustrated and got straight to the point "So how much are you offering me?" I asked, since I wasn't really looking for a new job. "An offer you can't refuse!" they said. And it was true 15% increase to what I was getting and over 50% more on allowances.

Two days ago I heard it again. In the ArtFire forums! I wanted a Pro account badly and decided to reveal my feelings in the forums. I was told to hold on for one more day as I might be given an offer I cannot refuse. Oh! Stop teasing! But it was true! The next day the announcement regarding ArtFire's Group Deal was announced! Wow yet again an offer I cannot refuse!

Just imagine, I was about to and very ready to pay the full $15.95/ month fees for a Pro account, with all the tools that are available to Pro account users, it is actually quite a bargain. But now with the Group Deal, I get to have it for $5.95! An unbelievable and unbeatable price.

So now I would like to give you and offer you can't refuse. Go to this link and sign up! This might be a once in a lifetime, so take it and run with it!

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