Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday Noodles for the Birthday Boy

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. So I decided to make him Lam Mee - also known as the Hokkien birthday noodles. I have not gotten around to find out why it is called birthday noodles. I think it must be because of the work that is required to make it, so it's made once maybe twice a year.

This is a picture of the noodles I made, taken by me.

Quick run through:
Broth - Pork, chicken and prawn broth (made with the shell of the prawns)
Vegetables - Chives (flat), bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage (choy sum)
Meat - Pork and prawns (used to make the broth)
Noodles - Yellow Hokkien noodles
Garnish - Omelet ribbons/strings (made by shredding thin egg omelet), spring onions (shallots), fried shallots. The garnish is one of the most important part of the dish as it gives flavor
Dip/Side sauce - Made with fresh chilli and prawn paste (belacan)

I would love to share the full recipe with you, but it's long and a little daunting.... so I hope you enjoy this so far!

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