Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Cleaner, Clearer Look

I am giving my blog an overhaul too. I find that the previous look was very cluttered and as I keep adding widgets on the sides it gets more and more stuffed with things and colour.

It's time for a clean up, so my thoughts, writings and ideas could flow through a whole lot easier. De-clutter, make way for the sunshine!


Il Mare Atelier said...

This new look is refreshing! I recently did a facelift for my blog too!

Il Mare Atelier's Blog

Donna said...

Hi...Your blog looks great to me! I did the same thing. My friends' Shona Cole and Shannon were telling me to get rid of the stuff..take better pix etc. It made me nervous..but I think I'm getting there! Have you checked out Brent Riggs' blog? He has a lot of great ideas about blogging that have helped me too. I posted about it yesterday. I tend towards too much clutter...why I don't know! Simple is much better!