Friday, January 29, 2010

Blog Feature Giveaway

I was featured at Nature Manipulated's blog a few weeks ago. In that feature there was a give away of one custom item from my ArtFire studio. A week after the feature a wonderful and familiar studio was chosen to be the deserving giveaway winner, Andrea Designs on ArtFire.

Andrea Designs is an interesting ArtFire studio with wonderful handmade knits and baby cloths. However studio owner Andrea envisions that the variety of items in her studio will increase and has chosen to get a custom business card design that would communicate this, while keeping the studio's identity, as her giveaway prize.

Andrea was such a wonderful person, she printed out the cards and sent me a photo of them. This is the first time I have received photos of designs I've made and it is a wonderful experience. Thank you Andrea!

Here is Andrea's blog - Andrea W Designs Blog

1 comment:

Andrea W Designs Blog said...

Thank YOU!so much for your patience, because you did listen to my concerns and designed for my business the perfect business card.
I encourage everybody to deal with you, your customer service is outstanding.
Thanks again,

Andrea W.